Meet Dr. Kasra Sanjari

Dentist in Newport Beach CA

Dr. Kasra Sanjari, Dentist in Newport Beach CA

I founded Newport Beach Innovative Dentistry to pursue my passion to provide people with healthier and brighter smiles through the use of innovative techniques. Growing up watching my father practice dentistry, increased my passion for the field. Dentistry has been a part of my entire life.

Initially, I pursued my interest in science and technology by earning a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. I then enrolled in the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and earned my D.D.S. degree. My training in engineering and science, combined with the most advanced training in dental technology and techniques, has helped me provide the full range of services and the best and most effective treatment for my patients.

I started practicing in Maryland, but after several visits to various parts of California, fell in love with Orange County and its coastal lifestyle and beach culture, and relocated here with my wife. It has become home.

My passion is to provide my patients with the highest level of dental care starting with preventative measures to ensure healthy teeth and gums. I use the most advanced dental technology and digital imaging, which allow for specialized services including same-day cosmetics, Invisalign®, and guided implant surgery. I care deeply about patients and ensure that I collaborate with you in determining the treatment that best suits your needs in a friendly, comfortable, and soothing setting.

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